I enjoy your beef and chicken flavor Instant Lunch quite a lot. In fact, I’m eating a beef flavor cup of noodley goodness (that I added a slice of cheese to) right now.

I do have a question, though. What exactly are those wrinkly little brown chunks floating around in my noodles? I’m sure they aren’t freeze dried beef as you’d have me believe. In fact, seeing them floating in there makes me think of wet cat food.

At any rate, I had to start picking them all out because they have the taste and consistency of cardboard. The first time I ate one, I thought I got a bug in my mouth… I still have nightmares. Please stop putting the wet cat food bits in your little Styrofoam buckets of joy. Otherwise, I might have to switch to Top Ramen and as you probably know, their noodles are packaged in a plastic wrapper which isn’t NEARLY as convenient for me.




Seriously. WHAT IS THIS?!