I work in a call center and at least ten times a day I hear this:

“You people have been calling me a bajillion times a day for the last week and I want you to stop! I didn’t ask for information!”

I’m not exaggerating about the number of times I hear that in a day…in fact, it might actually be more. At any rate, I usually discover that this person DID in fact request information, he (or she) just didn’t know it. I feel the need to explain how to keep this from happening to you (my dear readers) because, well, I’m just that nice.


Are you ready for this?

Don’t fill out surveys on the internet.

That’s it. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, take a look at the right side of your Facebook page. You’ll likely see an advertisement. If it says something like “Obama is going to personally pay for you to go to school!!!”, please don’t click it and PLEASE don’t enter your information if you find yourself dying to know what lies behind that ad.

Also? You know when you go to a website and see those advertisements…the ones that are flashing so much you think you might have a seizure?


They look just like this, I swear.

If you click on that ad and fill out the info, you will not get your free XBox, iPhone, iPad, $1,000.00 Wal-Mart gift card, or whatever it’s promising. You will get about a hundred phone calls a day from various companies. Why? Because these ads are plastered all over the internet by companies that sell phone numbers to other companies that are looking for sales leads.

OH, and while I’m at it…

Another thing I hear all the time: “I was just trying to apply for a job and the internet made me fill that out before I could submit the application.”

No. No it did not.

I wish that button was circled in red with red arrows pointing to it for real.

That isn’t the school I work for, by the way.

Do you see the button that says NO THANKS? Click it. It’s a magic little button, y’all.