I guess I'm glad I live in the pink area...?

Ha ha, get it? Like Notorious B.I.G but with snow?

So snow days aren’t nearly as awesome when you’re an adult. Sure, I’m super glad I didn’t have to work today and I really hope I don’t have to tomorrow but we’re running out of things to do. My brother’s been playing XBox on and off all day and we’ve been trying to watch stuff on Netflix…

Trying and mostly giving up.

That’s all getting old, though.

Earlier today I was sitting at the kitchen table quietly composing my previous post when I heard a sort of loud thud coming from the hallway. When I went to investigate, I noticed that my brother had placed my exercise ball at one end of the hallway and was running from the other end and jumping onto the ball, trying to slide across it on his stomach. I ran to get a camera and managed to take a video but he then demanded I promised not to put it on the internet.

Well THAT’S no fun.

When we got tired of that we decided to have a look outside. Because we haven’t really had snow as much as we’ve just had little ice daggers rocketing from the sky (they HURT when they hit exposed skin) every surface was slippery…The only logical thing to do was to go yard skating. I would have a video of that, too, but once again my brother refused to cooperate.

Since coming back in we’ve all just been sitting around…We did make dinner (spaghetti and garlic toast) and Jesse did the dishes… But all in all it’s been a less than productive day.

I just heard a dirty, filthy rumor that my company has decided to try and make us go to work tomorrow. HA I say to that. My county is under a snow emergency (meaning no travel unless absolutely necessary) and we’re supposed get a bunch of snow tonight. Sorry, I don’t like my job enough for another white-knuckle drive this week.


My employers have come to their senses…No work again tomorrow. HOORAY