Seriously. To notify us that we will not be working tomorrow, they sent out an email. To our work email addresses.

No one is at work. We all left early today because of the weather.

BUT. Snow day!

I was so excited to hear it I immediately cracked open a second beer in celebration (the first was because I had just come home from driving in crappy weather and my nerves were shot). I was all, it doesn’t matter how late I stay up ’cause I don’t have to work tomorrow!  I’m gonna stay up all night and look at stupid stuff on the internet! And maybe color!

Don’t judge me.

Anyway, I didn’t even finish that beer and now I’m in bed ready for sleep. I blame this issue I’ve been having lately with falling asleep. I’ll be almost asleep (like I’ll be half dreaming but I’m awake enough to realize I’m almost asleep) and then for NO REASON AT ALL I’m suddenly wide awake. It’s not that weird falling sensation, ’cause I’ve had that before. I don’t even know how to describe it except to say that it almost actually hurts to be so suddenly yanked out of almost-sleep. I must have gone through that cycle about 8,000 times (possibly an exaggeration) before I finally fell asleep…and then the alarm went of in what felt like five minutes.

I was so hoping for a night of serious, deep sleep…Then my brother came in my room to tell me his hand is randomly going numb. We discussed it, then I made the mistake of going to WebMD. He decided it was probably nothing and went to bed. I, however, am going to be in here with worry-worry-worry-worry-what-if-he’s-having-a-stroke-worry-worry-worry-worry running through my head in a loop.