My weekend has been consumed by baking, roasting and football watching. I did take a fairly brief break to drink a few (well deserved, in my opinion) beers at a friend’s house but I was too tired to really be much fun.  I decided to try a new brew… Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale was suggested to me by a friend and it did not disappoint, but it was a little heavier than I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl that will happily order a Guinness if it’s on tap but I have to be in the right mood.

I’ll be posting about the cupcakes I made a little later… They seriously took all day to decorate but it was worth it to see my mom’s reaction. Her birthday was last Monday but with my Chicago trip I wasn’t able to really do anything special for her. I’ve been looking for a reason to make these cupcakes for a while and it seemed like the perfect time to try them out.

Yesterday, during my cupcake-a-thon I acquired some chestnuts freshly fallen from the tree in my aunt and uncle’s yard…I had every intention of roasting them last night before heading to Lisa’s but that didn’t quite work out. I brought about half of them to my mom and dad’s house and roasted them in the oven during half time of the Colts game. Note to self: when roasting chestnuts, make sure to poke the holes deep enough to get all the way through the shell…otherwise they’ll explode while roasting.

I had such high hopes for the chestnuts…I remember my grandparents roasting them for my brother and I when we were little. While they tasted pretty much exactly the way I remember, I actually didn’t like them as much as I thought I would.

My Colts won today… I was a bit disappointed with both Brown and Addai (both are on my fantasy football team) but Blair White came out of nowhere and Collie had a pretty good game. I was also pleasantly surprised by our defense.

When I get home there will be pictures…for now I’m off to clean the exploded chestnut guts from the inside of my mom’s oven.