• Feeling like a real city girl carrying my CTA card around…And I mentioned this yesterday but I LOVED taking the L everywhere.
  • Successfully hailing a couple of taxis by myself.
  • The FOOD. Oh my goodness I pigged out. I had two hot dogs at Wrigley on Friday, mini corndogs and Old Style Saturday, an amazing eggs benedict at a place called Eggsperience (and then caramelized apple pecan pancakes at that same place much later that evening) and a pretty decent pot roast dinner at Ed Debevic’s.
  • Dave singing Burning Down the House and the encore with Warehouse/Stairway to Heaven (Friday show)
  • The crowd singing Jimi Thing, Last Stop as the final song of the encore. Also, watching the band after the show was over (Saturday show)
  • Meeting two awesome new friends and spending most of the weekend with them…. They live close to me so I hope to continue to hang out with them.
  • Checking out the SkyDeck at the Sears (er…Willis) Tower.
  • Shopping at Sports Authority (eight stories of sporting goods? LOVE)

I really wish I could have spent more time there… Three days just wasn’t enough. Maybe I’ll be able to take a week of vacation sometime and go back.

On a slightly scary note, Saturday night a man was arrested for planting a bomb outside of Wrigley as the concert was letting out. I just saw the story today: