I’m home from Chicago (made it home yesterday evening, just in time for the Colts game) and I’m already trying to figure out how I can get back. I love everything about the city… from the seemingly limitless different things to do to the public transportation system. Actually, the train is probably my favorite part of Chicago…You never know what you’ll find while riding the train. At one point, my friend and I encountered a team of female arm wrestlers promoting a charity event. One (named Strawberry Shitcake) even demonstrated her strength by doing 25 push-ups on the floor.

Perhaps later I will write about the weekend in more detail but the reason for this particular update is this: I am incredibly annoyed by today…The fact that I’m back in Indiana, that my day started off in a crappy way and definitely that I’m at work. Merry Christmas, y’all, here’s a list of my complaints:

1. My shower head broke… I had no time to fix it so I had to do a quick “sink bath” and I feel rather icky.

2. I blocked my coworkers from being able to see my wall and pictures on Facebook this weekend since I called in “sick”. I was informed when I got to work today that one such coworker was still able to see everything through his live feed. Thanks Facebook. JERKS.

3. My arms are breaking out in hives like crazy.

4. I have absolutely zero desire to be at work.

5. Apparently, a coworker that I’m not friendly with has been telling everyone she “did a good deed” and basically did my job for me when I was gone on Friday. She did not, but she’s doing her best to make sure she gets all of the credit.

I could go on but those are the major complaints… When I’m home snuggled up with my favorite blanket watching Veronica Mars on Netflix I’ll likely be in a better mood. Maybe then I’ll get some Chicago pics uploaded.